IEEE SSCS Summer Camp cum ICDC Annual Symposium 2019

IEEE SSCS Summer Camp cum ICDC Annual Symposium 2019

On August 9 and 10, 2019, the IEEE SSCS Hong Kong Student Chapter together with the HKUST  ICDC co-organized the 2019 SSCS Summer Camp——HKUST ICDC Annual Symposium with the theme of AIoT Inspired IC Design. 

The Symposium featured one track of academic talks focusing on the key circuit area for enabling AIoT such as AI-centric processor design, low-power ADC, PMIC, HS I/O, PLL. Prof. Makoto IKEDA, Prof. Jri LEE, Prof. Yan LU, Prof. Nan SUN Prof. Hao YU and Prof. Zhao ZHANG  delivered talks. 

A second track on industrial talks including AI and DL algorithm for different applications, cloud vs edge computing design methodology, technology transfer from academic and industrial research labs to entrepreneurship. Dr. Jeremy CHAU, Dr. Russell Lee and Dr. Wei WANG, gave talks around the topics.

After all the vigorous thought-provoking technical talks, the organizing committee has arranged a half-day sport events for our attendees to participate in various exercises (hoops, ping pong, and badminton) at HKUST’s newly complete seafront indoor sport center.

The summer camp for the first time adopted visible light communication (VLC) technology for participants to get a copy of slides on their mobile phone. Participants can scan the LED light with VLC function installed in the lecture theatre to download the slides on their mobile devices.

Over fifty students and engineers, including forty IEEE SSCS members or student members were attracted to join the two-day summer camp.

IEEE SSCS Summer Camp cum ICDC Annual Symposium 2019
Prof. Tim CHENG from HKUST giving an opening
Prof. Philip MOK from HKUST giving an opening
Prof. Patrick YUE from HKUST giving an opening

Prof. Nan SUN from University of Texas at Austin giving a lecture
Prof. Yan LU from the University of Macau giving a lecture

Prof. Hao YU from the Southern University of Science and Technology giving a lecture
Prof. Makoto IKEDA from the University of Tokyo giving a lecture
Prof. Zhao ZHANG from the Hiroshima University giving a lecture
Mr. Jeremy CHAU, CEO of Zeegle giving a lecture

Prof. Jri LEE from the National Taiwan University giving a lecture
Mr. Wei WANG, founder and CEO of Moffett AI giving a lecture

(From left to right) Prof. Patrick YUE, Dr. Simon LAW, Mr. Dick WEI, Mr. Jeremy CHAU, Mr. Wei WANG and Prof. Jri LEE
Sport session of SSCS Summer Camp
Sport session of SSCS Summer Camp