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2023 HKUST IC Design Center Annual Symposium

Speaker Topics
Yihan Zhang Ultra-Low-Power Circuit DesignDriving Biomedical Innovations View Slides >
Fengbin Tu Digital Computing-In-Memory AI Chip Architecture and Design Automation View Slides >
Zhiyao Xie Early Timing and Power Evaluation for VLSI Design View Slides >
Xiaomeng Wang SRAM-based Computing-in-Memory Design: Circuit and Architecture View Slides >
Jian Peng Predictive On-Chip Power Meter in Hardware DNN Accelerator View Slides >
Khoi T. Phan A 10.8-14.5GHz 8-Phase 12.5%-Duty-Cycle Non-Overlapping LO Generator with Automatic Phase-and-Duty-Cycle Calibration for 60-GHz 8-Path-Filtering Sub-Sampling Receivers View Slides >
Li Wang Millimeter-Wave Phased-Array System for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer View Slides >
Khawar SARFRAZ What Really Matters in IC Design Education? View Slides >